Complete the deputy report

Use this online service to fill in your deputy report and send it to the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG)

You can save the report and then come back to add more information as often as you like.

Once you've submitted your report, you can save it to your computer.

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What you'll need to sign up
  • your case number (look for 'OPG reference' on letters from OPG)
  • your email address
  • your client's last name

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Why we need the deputy report

It's OPG's responsibility to look after the client's best interests (the client is the person whose affairs you are looking after). Your deputy reports help us supervise your deputyship.

What you'll need for the report

You'll need to provide details of:

  • how the client is cared for
  • any big decisions you have made or are planning to make for the client
  • friends, family and professionals you've contacted on behalf of the client

If you're a property and financial affairs deputy you'll also need to provide details of:

  • purchases you've made on the client's behalf
  • financial records relating to the client (for example bank statements)
  • the client's assets and debts
What if there's more than one deputy?

You'll only need to submit one deputy report for each reporting period. This applies if you make decisions together (usually called 'jointly') or separately and together (usually called 'jointly and severally').

What happens after I submit my report?

We'll review the report, and may still need to contact you for more information – by phone, email, in writing or by arranging a visit.